Close combat

Close Combat Course for high risk operators
Course content includes:
– Organization of a Protective Detail
– Residential / Site Security Considerations
– VIP Protection Formations and Drills
– Threat Assessment
– Advances (Routes and Sites
– Security Advance, Route selections and site surveys
– Counter Assault Drills
– Hand to Hand Combat (krav maga)
– Emergency Medical Actions
– Counter action drills
– Walking drills, low & high profile operations
– Client education, control and movement
– Tactical communications
– Communication while under attack
– Survival Mindset & Combat Stress
– Protective Hardware, Gear & communications
– Vehicle Mounts and Dismounts
– Vehicle Search Procedures
– Vehicle Engagement / Down Vehicle / Bail Out Drills
– Tactics, Special Situations, Overt/Covert operational methods
– Movements by road, escorting and walking drills

All training is handled by professional instructors. Our company is unique as all of our Instructors are experienced Special Forces Operators
Course requirements:
Basic experience with firearms.
Duration: 18 days