Tactical pistol

The training is meant for all gun owners and for everyone who have undergone the gun handling training for the gun exam. It is a very active training and the clothing should be compatible to where and how you carry a weapon.

Training exercises will include:
– Proper gear selection and placement
– Shooting stance
– The draw
– Proper grip
– Axis and mechanics of recoil
– Grip, sight alignment, sight picture
– Trigger control
– Speed and Tactical Reloads
– The four (4) primary malfunctions Strong and weak hand shooting
– Shooting on the move
– Situation specific shooting positions
– Rapid threat analysis and acquisition
– Multiple target engagement
– Natural and improvised shooting positions
– Immediate Action Drills
– Turn and Fire
– Shooting From Cover
– Shooting While Moving
– Strong Hand / Weak Hand
– Shooting Individual and team confidence enhancement shooting drills
– Individual and team live fire stress courses